Details about working with NUDO as a casual employee


Welcome to Nudo! We are so excited to have you here!

Please bookmark this page for future reference. It features a variety of useful information for casual employees that is handy to know before joining the team.

To express your interest in joining the Nudo team, please read the below information and complete the online form.


We use a software called “Ubeya” to manage shift details. Once you have completed the form, if we have shifts that may be suitable for you, we will send you details to register with Ubeya, and to download the Ubeya app to your phone,

  1. Availability. When we have available shifts that are suitable for you, we will send you a notification through Ubeya asking you if you are available. You MUST respond in the Ubeya app by stating that you are available or not available. If we don’t receive a reply from you on a regular basis we will remove you from the database.
  2. Specific Times. If you are only available for certain hours you can add a comment when stating you availability in Ubeya. (e.g. Can only work until 10pm, can start after 5pm)
  3. “Locking In” a Shift. Once we have received availabilities, we will lock you into the shift through the Ubeya app. You will receive a notification confirming the shift. You will be required to select “Confirm” in the app to approve the shift. We may not have exact details for you at this time, but the shift will definitely be going ahead. Once a shift is locked in and you have confirmed it, it is not acceptable to drop out, and it is expected that you will work the shift.
  4. Shift Details. When we have final details from the client, we will update Ubeya and send you a notification. The details will include the date, address, manager contact detail, client, uniform details and any additional notes. To confirm you will be required to press the “confirm” button again in Ubeya.
  5. Confirming your Shift. If we locked you in for the shift a number of weeks in advance, we will likely send you a final reminder through Ubeya to confirm your shift, on the day before your shift. The reason for this is that we have on occasion had staff who have forgotten, got their days mixed up, slept in, lost their phone etc. Please hit the “confirm” button in Ubeya to let us know you are ready to go!
  6. Shift Manager. When you arrive at your shift, check in with the Refresh Manager. When the manager asks you to sign in, you can select “START SHIFT” in the ubeya app.
  7. Breaks. If you work more than a 5 hour shift, you will automatically receive a 30 minute break.
  8. Signing out. When the manager confirms your shift is complete, you can sign out in the Ubeya app.
Please do not be late. If you are consistently late we will not provide you with future shifts. We suggest you aim to arrive 30 minutes early so that if there is any traffic, public transport delays or other issues, you will not be late for your shift. Please make sure you check the address carefully and allow for traffic, parking, public transport delays and for finding the venue itself. You must be 100% ready to commence your shift at the start time. We therefore suggest you arrive 30 mins prior so that you can find the manager, get into uniform, use the bathroom, put your bag away etc. If you are running late or have another issue on the day of an event, please send a message to the shift manager and to the Ubeya admin, through the Ubeya app.

All staff involved in the service of alcohol must have a valid Victorian RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate). We will ask you to take a photo of your RSA and attach it to the Nudo sign up form.

  1. How to get an RSA. Go to google and find your closest RSA training provider. It will cost between $40-60 and will take 3 hours. It must be completed face to face and cannot be done online.
  2. Renewing/Refreshing your RSA. RSAs are valid for 3 years. If your RSA or your latest refresher was obtained more than 3 years ago, you will need to complete a free online refresher course. The course takes about 15 minutes and can be done for free here:
  3. Other States (Not Victoria) If you have an RSA from a State other than Victoria, you can complete a free bridging course online at the link below. To do the bridging course, your RSA must be less than 3 years old, and must have been completed face to face (not online):
  4. I’ve Lost My RSA. If you have lost your RSA, please contact the VCGLR on 1300 182 457 to have one re-printed (cost is $16.50). If you know where you completed your RSA, you can contact that training provider to have it re-printed for a smaller fee.

Our standard uniform is black on black – please wear this uniform at all shifts unless we advise otherwise. We will provide you with an apron and bowtie at the event. You are welcome to arrive in a black tee-shirt and change into a button-up shirt after setup. Please remove any visible piercings, other than earrings which are fine.


  • Long sleeved black button up business shirt with a collar. (please ensure your shirt buttons up to a conservative level).
  • The shirt must be entirely black with black buttons – no other colours/transparencies are appropriate.
  • On some shifts we may ask you to wear a white shirt. If so, it must be the same as above (white only with white buttons, long sleeved, with a collar). Please make sure that any undergarments worn under a white shirt are white/skin toned, or covered with a white/skin toned singlet.


  • Black suit pants.
  • Pants must be full length and must touch your shoes.
  • Jeans are not acceptable, suit pants only.
  • Any belts worn must only be black.

Shoes & Socks:

  • Black suit shoes/dress shoes with black socks.
  • Must be closed toe shoes in a polishable material.
  • Must be black only, no buckles or other colours.
  • Ankle must not be showing between pants and shoes.

Pays are processed fortnightly on a Thursday for work done Monday to Sunday the fortnight prior. For example, any shifts done between Monday the 1st, and Sunday the 14th, will be paid on Thursday the 18th. Payment rates are based on your skill set and the role being performed. Please ask our operations team for more information on specific payment rates. Rates are confidential. Any discussion of payment rates with clients or other staff members will result in disciplinary action.

Click here to see the FWIS and CEIS. 

It is important to note that we work with a range of companies and clients.  On many events, you will be working for Nudo, but on others you may be hired by another catering company or venue. 

Very Important: We are often hired by catering companies to provide staff or other services. It is very important to remember that our client is often the caterer. Therefore you must maintain your professionalism when back of house or in the kitchen and ensure you listen and follow their instructions strictly. Please do not ask any questions about pays, shifts or rosters while on a shift, as you may in fact be asking the client. Please message the Nudo Admin team through Ubeya with any questions like this.

If we find that you have asked the client about pays, shifts, or another matter such as these, you will be immediately sent home and will not receive any additional shifts.

We often work with Jewish catering companies who provide a Kosher service. You will be informed if the event if a kosher event.

Kosher Rules:

  • You cannot bring your own equipment (except for a bar blade).
  • You cannot bring your own food or drinks (please do not bring your own snacks or any drinks such as redbull).
  • We must only use equipment, food and drinks that the catering company provides to us – we cannot use taps, equipment or stock from the venue or any other source. If unsure, please ask.
  • You must not wash or wipe down any equipment, cutlery or crockery without first seeking permission from the manager.

If we have asked you to complete our driver form, please click here.

Thank you for reading the information above! So that we can get you onto your first shift, we need to get some details from you. Please complete the following form to register yourself in our system.

The form includes

  • Details about your skills so that we can allocate appropriate shifts
  • A section for you to upload photos of your uniform. We will need to receive a clear photo of your full uniform before you can be rostered onto a shift. This includes shirt, pants, shoes.
  • A section for you to upload a picture of your RSA. We must receive a valid Victorian RSA or Refresher before you can be rostered onto a shift.


Thanks again and looking forward to having you on the team!


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