About Nudo

A life changing way to bring your greatest day to life.

The day itself: the best day of your life.
The planning? Well that’s another story.

The months spent planning your wedding should be filled with excitement and anticipation of the most magical day. But more often than not, they make for a stressful, expensive and overwhelming experience.

The worst part about it? Most couples only realise it’s just too much to manage, once they’re reaaaally far into the journey. By then, the pressure starts to mount, decision fatigue sets in and it can all just feel a little too much.

That’s where Nudo come in. We’re a dynamic team of planners and designers (and shoulders to lean on), effortlessly guiding you through your wedding journey step by step. Taking the time to understand your vision and what matters most, whilst also taking care of the million small (and sometimes tedious) details that you don’t have the time for. And when the day comes, we bring it all together to create the kind of experience your guests will rave about for years.

Our Brands

We’re much more than just another events company.

Nudo aren’t just a kick ass team of wedding planners and event designers, we also happen to run four of Melbourne’s best wedding venues. Our venues range from traditional wedding venues through to outdoor garden or small spaces to house your micro wedding.

A while back we realised that we innately understood how venues should run from the customer experience viewpoint and if we had our own venues, we’d do things differently.

Within the Nudo family, we also offer floristry and styling by Anatomy of Flowers, one of Melbourne’s most in demand event florists. Co-founder of Nudo, Kim Brindell was the founder of Anatomy of Flowers before jumping full speed into Nudo with a much bigger vision, to the experience of weddings for the better.

Will Campbell, another Co-founder of Nudo was a wedding photographer for years before Nudo and always had the dream of creating a photography collective of the most talented photographer and videographers to deliver work that leaves every couple speechless. That is where Art of Grace was born.


Wedding planning



Floristry and styling

BY anatomy of flowers


Images and film

BY art of grace

Our Values

These six values are the guiding principles that help show the world what we care about, help the team make decisions and a framework to make sure we’re always focused on the right things.

Experience before all else

Go beyond delivering what works. Discover what delights and make magic. It’s the driving force to our success and is always our True North.

Embrace Change

Nudo is always improving, pivoting and growing to be the best version we can be. Welcoming change with open arms means we can continue to evolve as a company.

Own it

We hold ourselves accountable for outcomes, good and bad. We don’t pass the buck and we never say “that’s not my job”.

Champion identity

Both within our team and to our customers. Different views and experiences are advantages that make us all better. Be yourself, allow others to do the same.

Fly the flag

This is your company, your space, your teammates. The standard you walk past is the standard you set so always show the world the best version of us.

Do it because you love it

We work hard and laugh often. Yes, we’re professionals who strive for outrageous goals but if it ain’t fun, we’re doing it wrong.

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