Get to know Chapel 1885 Sales and Events Manager, Jenna,

What is your job title and what do you do? I am the Sales and Events Manager at Chapel 1885.


How long have you worked at Nudo? Since November 2022.


How did you find your way to Nudo? I have been in hospitality for years and have always been on the operations side of things.  I have always loved working across all types of events, so when I heard about Nudo and their values I jumped at the opportunity to work here!


What is your favourite part of your role? I love being involved in the client’s big day and always get a bit teary eyed at the ceremonies that I am a part of.


What’s your favourite Nudo client memory/experience to date? I had a Bride pull me onto the dancefloor and get me to dance with her.


Tell us which venue you think would be the perfect spot to host an iconic corporate event and why? Two Ton Max is perfect for a corporate event, the space can be transformed into anything you want and it’s the perfect blank canvas.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Taking care of my veggie garden and dabbling in some embroidery.

What are your three biggest loves? Movies, cocktails and good times!


To know more about Chapel 1885, contact Jenna.

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