Get to know Nudo’s Graphic Designer Steph, who has been with the company since October 2022.

What is your job title? Graphic Designer for all Event Stationery & Signage.

How long have you worked at Nudo? I started at Nudo in October 2022.

Why did you want to work for Nudo? The job (working in stationery) was such a dreamy opportunity for me and a step that I was itching to take in my career. I also loved the progressive culture of Nudo presented on Linkedin & Instagram, and I can now confirm that it is what it seems on socials!

How did you hear about Nudo? Job hunting on Seek.

Has your role changed since you’ve been here? It hasn’t really, but now that I’m fully settled in my role, I’m getting more involved with changing/implementing processes of how the stationery department runs. I originally applied for a position as a Senior Graphic Designer in the Marketing department, but ended up being contacted for an exciting role in the creative team as their Graphic Designer instead!

What is your favourite part about working for Nudo? Seeing my work at all of the events & weddings, as well as working with the amazing Creative Team 

Are there any resources you have taken advantage of while working at Nudo that have helped develop your career? Definitely! Working so closely with printers and working with new materials is amazing knowledge for the rest of my career. 

What sets Nudo apart from other companies in the industry? They take on board what employees actually want with flexible work start/finish times + hybrid office/WFH and taking on feedback in terms of processes which I think makes it feel like we’re more of a team rather than a cog in the machine. 

What would you say to someone who is considering applying for a job at Nudo? It’s just a great progressive and fun place to work.

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