Inclusivity Statement

Our why

What we stand for

We here at Nudo spend our days working together to create the most spectacular and unforgettable experience that honours you and the love of your life.

We live and breathe celebrating the individuality of all our couples and believe such an appreciation should extend beyond just your wedding day.

This is why every single person in our team is dedicated to bettering our company to ensure it remains an inclusive, respectful, and welcoming atmosphere. We recognise that to advocate love and acceptance means to challenge the ideas and labels which restrict it.

As both individuals and a team, we pledge to continually reassess our standards and behaviours to always be wholly supportive and encouraging of every age, sexuality, gender, race, culture, religion, identity, size, shape, and ability.

Mother earth

Our environmental responsibility

Nudo equally recognises that the planet we live on is ours to protect and care for.

As we strive to sustain Mumma Earth and all that she provides us, our efforts to become an increasingly environmentally-conscious company extend to all aspects and processes of the Nudo journey.

We promise to build on our established sustainable practices, eliminate unnecessary waste as well as harmful materials, and implement green solutions when able to do so.

Consciously striving to reduce our footprint, Nudo will always endeavour to cultivate a space respectful of the foundations upon which we stand.

Inclusivity and sustainability

Our promise to always improve

To honour our inclusivity and sustainability values, we promise to:

  • Always remain an equal opportunity workplace
  • Support the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our team and our clients
  • Actively educate ourselves on emerging conversations and implement new codes which support these discussions
  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable for breaking down any internal biases to ensure that every guest feels accepted and appreciated
  • Maintain our zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and/or harassment
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