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Coming in winter 2024

Immersive events have a new home

Step into a world where ordinary spaces transform into extraordinary ones. Join us as we push the boundaries of imagination and bring your vision to life like never before.

Who we are

Industry leading immersive event production house

Two Ton Max has partnered with the number one Australian experience curators, Immerso, to combine technology and hospitality into a high-calibre multi-sensory dining experience for global brands.

Two Ton Max x Immerso

An unmatched experience

unique event experiences

Immerse yourself in the magic of our state-of-the-art projection mapping system, transforming Two Ton Max into a brand new world of interactive experiences.

Elevate your next event

Product launches have a new home

Having worked with Australia’s largest brands, Immerso are now bringing immersive experiences to Melbourne.

Two Ton Max is Melbourne’s first immersive event production house and is perfect for product launches, presentations, awards nights, elevated dining experiences, live music events and so much more.

Event management

Deliver seamless cutting edge events with our in-house team

Immerso will guide you through your immersive journey, from off-the-shelf designs through to full custom experiences.

Alongside Immerso, sits Nudo’s in-house team of event planners, designers and caterers that will ensure not only is your next event visionary, but the culinary experience matches perfectly and the event planning process is seamless from start to finish.

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