Planning a wedding elicits plenty of emotions. Excitement, joy, happiness, and of course, plenty of love, but let’s be honest, when people think of wedding planning, they think stress and anxiety. While there are decisions to be made, that doesn’t mean your journey has to be clouded with uncertainty and tension, and your own self care has to be neglected. It’s crucial that while every box is ticked on your wedding to-do list, you still remain cool, calm and collected, remembering to focus on your own wellbeing, allowing you to soak up every minute of the fun.

There’s more than enough to worry about when planning a wedding. From finding the perfect outfit, to booking transportation, a kick ass DJ, perfect celebrant, and sending out those perfectly-timed invites, and that doesn’t even include the pre-wedding festivities with your loved ones! But if there’s one thing to remember, it’s to stay calm. Stressing about uncertainty and a never ending list of decisions will only make what is meant to be the happiest time of your life, not so happy, so we are here to remind you about the importance of mindfulness during wedding planning. So, grab a cup of tea, put your feet up, and allow us to paint a picture of what makes Nudo so special when it comes to wedding planning, and how to ensure you’re taking time for yourself during this process.

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Nudo are industry leaders who offer each and every element you could imagine when it comes to throwing your dream wedding, and take away all of the stress associated with bringing your dream day to life. With a team of world class suppliers, perfectly primed in doing the hard yards for you, you’d be silly not to opt to take advantage!

To eliminate any ounce of stress and create the easiest possible journey, Nudo houses four expert experience brands under their umbrella, covering everything from photography, to styling, and wedding planning, so that no detail will be missed, and you can ensure that you will have the ultimate dream team by your side. Each of these suppliers has spent every waking minute creating the most fuss-free, easy to understand, and detail oriented journey for clients since Nudo’s inception, working together like a well-oiled machine, communicating effortlessly behind the scenes.

If there’s one piece of advice we can give you, it’s to hire a Wedding Planner. So many couples um and ah about whether or not it’s a necessity for the day, but we can guarantee that every single one of them wishes they had bitten the bullet and had a team of experts by their side on their big day.

If you’re on the hunt for a Wedding Planner extraordinaire, meet The Goodsmiths. Upon first introduction, you’ll be amazed at just how much goodness they encompass, and how much experience they bring to the table. With a highly knowledgeable team taking care of wedding planning, styling and design, there’s no detail that goes amiss. 

They take the time to create a fool-proof wedding plan, organising budgets, runsheets, meeting schedules, and ensuring that each and every supplier is accounted for. What does this mean for you? You simply get to sit back and relax, enjoying the exciting parts of the journey, stress-free and with a glass of bubbly in hand!

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For the lovers who are all about the wow factor, you’ll obviously be on the hunt for your dream team. Whether you’re a natural born stylist, Pinterest lover, or know absolutely nothing when it comes to bringing a space to life, you’ll be thrilled to work alongside Anatomy of Flowers and The Goodsmiths to transform your venue.

Share your visions with the team and allow them to dream up a mood board and palette unlike anything you could have ever imagined, incorporating textural, colourful and unique elements without straying too far from your budget.

The best part? They’ll keep you well informed throughout the journey while working behind the scenes to create magic, and then do the hard yards on your most special day, working as a team to prep, elevate, and create a space that will make your jaw drop upon entry.


You can also use this time to get creative, and make wedding planning fun again by using this time to explore your design side! Scour Pinterest, Tiktok, and Instagram for inspiration as to how you want your day to look, and use it as a fun activity to keep your mind active without causing any unnecessary stress! Take a peek at iconic celebrity weddings, brands you admire, and see what is trending to get a good idea of what you’re lovingThis is the best way to blend wedding planning with wellbeing, and will mean that you get the creative juices flowing with plenty of ideas to share with your styling and design team!

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Styling and design for a wedding event at The Wool Mill

Of course, planning your wedding is going to be front of mind whether you like it or not.

When it comes to wedding planning, it can be so easy to get caught up in thinking about everyone around you, and easily let your own needs go astray. One of our biggest tips is to ensure you’re taking care of yourself throughout this journey, not letting your wedding control your thoughts 24/7 (as hard as that may be!), and taking the time to destress, decompress, and enjoy all of life’s simple pleasures around you. If you’re having a particularly busy day, emails coming in hot from suppliers, struggling to find the motivation to just get things done, we recommend stepping out for a walk mid-planning and getting some fresh air to improve your overall well being. You’ll be amazed at just how good you feel afterwards with a clear mind, and you might have even thought of some fresh, new ideas! 

Maybe a walk isn’t quite the answer for you. How about closing your computer, brewing a cup of something warm, and popping on your favourite comfort show for the ultimate relaxation session. While it may seem like the planning is never-ending, and you can’t afford to miss a minute, remember that you have plenty of time, resources, and help available to you to make the journey all the more enjoyable, without having to sacrifice mindfulness and sanity.

Another crucial tip? Be sure to allocate time for your planning, and also allocate time away from planning. I’m sure many couples are guilty of letting wedding planning take over their entire lives, but let’s be real, we have plenty of other commitments that require our time and attention too! Whether it be work, hobbies, family, etc, you need to ensure you’re allocating adequate time to all aspects of your life, and not sweating the small things!


Hopefully with our advice you’re feeling excited and motivated to get to planning your dream wedding, and we have a feeling that we may have convinced you to leave the guesswork to the professionals! We cannot wait to see what magic you can create thanks to this all star team of experts, and your journey is bound to one to remember. So, take a deep breath, let your worries disappear and get in touch today!



Nudo is a dynamic team made up of planners and designers based on Melbourne that looks at weddings and events a little differently. With a complete collection of the best vendors in Melbourne under their roof, they offer thoughtfully crafted, complete wedding experiences for couples who love the creative, but hate the logistics. From floristry, styling and design, to catering, and photography, Nudo offers everything you need to create an incredible event, without the stress.

If you’re looking for a team of dreamers and doers on your side to guide you through the journey step by step, drink glasses of bubbles, and make event planning fun, then contact us to learn more.

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