Wedding Planning Checklist – Ultimate Guide

Wedding planning checklist – our full guide to preparing for the big day

So, your wedding is coming up – congratulations!

You’ve spent the last few months, even years, thinking about your dream wedding, but now the planning needs to start. And this can be stressful!

How do you ensure your wedding day runs smoothly? Which vendors should you choose? Have you missed an essential item?

Fear not!

With a full wedding planning checklist under your belt, you’re bound to be overly organised, creating a stress-free, more enjoyable wedding journey with your partner, where you can focus more on the excitement of the day and the lead up.

What are the essentials for a wedding checklist?

It’s crucial that you have a comprehensive breakdown of every little detail associated with your wedding day so that you’re prepared for anything!

Some absolute essential items you’ll find on the wedding day checklist include:

  • A florist
  • A wedding planner
  • A photographer
  • A venue and catering
  • And of course, the outfits

We’ve done the hard yards for you, putting together a printable wedding day necessities checklist that you can use as your ultimate wedding day bible, ensuring that each necessity is safely packed away and ready to go.

This wedding day checklist covers each aspect from 18 months out all the way to the day of the wedding, allowing you to tick off each element of your wedding day schedule as time goes by, following a succinct timeline that allows no detail to be missed.

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After getting engaged

First things first, upon your exciting engagement, once you’ve told all of your loved ones and shared the news on social media, it’s time to start creating your ultimate wedding checklist full of essentials.


High-Level Budget
You’ll want to begin by deciding on your overall budget for the day, taking into account the associated costs, such as the wedding venue, catering, styling and floristry, photography, and outfits, just to name a few.

Have a seat with your lover and anyone else who may be contributing to your wedding fund, and nail down what your absolute priorities are, and where you’re happy to cut corners.

This will assist you in your search for the perfect wedding vendors, and allow you to easily rule out venues or vendors who are out of budget.


Think About Wedding Venues
Once your budget is decided, it’s time to begin researching potential wedding venues that you love.

It is not an easy feat, but it is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning journey. Opt to explore everything from modern warehouse venues, to romantic ballrooms, and luxe heritage sites – you never know what might tick all of your boxes!

With dream wedding venues in mind, this is also the time to start preparing your guest list, so that you know just how big your reception venue will be. If you’re struggling to decide which venue to say ‘I do’ to, this may be an easy way to eliminate a few contenders, especially if you’re looking to host a formal sit down meal.

Even though it may feel like there’s a million things on your wedding day checklist, take this time to really soak in the excitement and prepare yourself for the journey that is planning a wedding.

From 18-9 months out

18 Months Out

With 18 months to go before your wedding day, this is when it’s time to lock in the most important aspect of your wedding – the date and venue.

What Time Of Year To Get Married
An important aspect to consider when deciding on your venue, is what time of year you’d like to tie the knot, as this can majorly impact your final venue decision.

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married in a picturesque garden, this may not be fully attainable in the middle of winter, so you may prefer to select a date in spring when the flowers are in full bloom.

For something that works year round, consider a venue that has indoor and outdoor spaces, and allows you to host your ceremony and reception under the same roof.

This means that whatever time of year you end up booking, there are plenty of options available to you.

Pick A Wedding Venue And Pay Deposit
Once you’ve picked your dream date, it’s time to secure the venue with a deposit, pop a bottle of bubbly and celebrate.

That is one of the most pivotal decisions you’ll make, and now you can begin the rest of your wedding planning journey.

Going hand in hand with this, is deciding what your vision is for your wedding day.

Now is your opportunity to scour Pinterest and Instagram for every ounce of wedding inspiration, saving thousands of images of florals, styling, and wedding photography style that you’re obsessed with to show your future wedding vendors.

Have a think about what aesthetic you’re dreaming of and how it can tie into your venue. Perhaps you’re loving the sleek and classy soiree vibes that perfectly ties into a luxe wedding venue. Or maybe you’re looking for something more fun and whimsical that breathes personality into a warehouse venue.

These aesthetics can easily be created through florals, custom stationery, and beautiful wedding party outfits that tie it all together. Be sure to save plenty of different inspiration, as you never know how your style might change over the next 18 months!


After taking a few months to research what exactly you’re envisioning for your big day, this is the point in your wedding planning journey where you can start making some major progress by securing your wedding vendors.

Secure Wedding Vendors
Take a look at a variety of suppliers from each category, e.g:

  • Photography
  • Floristry
  • Catering

Start reaching out to each to make a shortlist of those that stand out from the rest.

A few elements to consider include price, location, available information, and ease of communication, as these are all a great indication of whether each business is right for you.

Popular vendors may already be booked for your wedding date, so it’s important to ensure that you begin this process early to avoid missing out, whilst keeping track of others who may be available as your back ups.

12 months out is a great time to get the majority of your vendors locked in, and also means that most of the toughest decisions are now done and dusted, allowing you to focus on the smaller details for a few months.

Consider A Wedding Planner
If wedding planning is not exactly your forte, we highly recommend using this time to lock in a highly skilled and experienced wedding planner to alleviate some of the stress.

A wedding planner will offer a hand to hold throughout the entire journey, managing every aspect of your day from liaising with suppliers, to answering any and all questions you may have about the running of the day.

They will guide you as you make decisions, and handle all logistics in the lead up to your wedding. We highly recommend leaving a bit of wiggle room in your budget to allow for this Fairy Godmother to come on board and add their flair to your special day.

Compile An In-Depth Wedding Guest List
With all of your main wedding day components locked in, use this time to have a more indepth think about your wedding guest list. You may have used an estimated number of guests when venue hunting in order to eliminate any too big or too small, but this is the time for you to really tighten up your list to include your nearest and dearest.

While you still have quite a while until invitations need to be sent, by creating a more accurate guest list at the 12 month mark, this will assist in getting quotes for reception table florals, catering, on the day stationery and invitations.

It’ll also give you a better representation of your overall budget for the day. Fortunately, many venues won’t require you to confirm your guest numbers until about 6 weeks before your wedding, so no need to stress if your list changes between now and then.



11 months before your wedding, you’ll find yourself continuing to chip away at small tasks involved in the wedding journey to keep yourself on track.

Bridal Party
Use this month as an opportunity to propose to your wedding party, asking them to be by your side on your most special day. Many brides opt to do this with bridesmaid proposal boxes offering branded clothing, personalised champagne glasses and plenty of self care items, showing their appreciation to their closest family and friends too.

For a more informal proposal, opt to treat your friends to a casual dinner where you can pop them the question. Hopefully they’ll say ‘I do’ too!

Save The Date
For the rest of your loved ones, this is a common time when save the dates are sent out. Giving guests 11 months notice of your wedding is more than ample to ensure that everyone can keep the date free and make alternative arrangements wherever necessary, meaning that the majority of your favourite people should be present to dance the night away.

An advantage of letting your guests know nice and early is that some guests may let you know that they won’t be able to attend, meaning you can either add additional special guests to fill the spots, or opt for a smaller guest list overall.

Choose a Celebrant
The 11 month mark is also prime time to lock in the rest of your wedding suppliers. While you may have secured your florist, planner and photographer in the early stages of your wedding planning process, there’s a variety of other aspects of your wedding day that need to be organised too.

This is a great time to start researching a celebrant whose personality will be able to perfectly convey your love story to guests during your ceremony.

Be sure to chat to multiple celebrants, as each has a different style, and you’ll need to think about whether you’re wanting a tear-jerker, or a light hearted and fun-filled ceremony for your day.

Need A Wedding DJ Or Band?
On top of this, we recommend nailing down your entertainment, whether this be an acoustic duo to sing you down the aisle, or a DJ/Sax combination to get the dance floor pumping during your reception.

Other couples may go down the more traditional route, opting for a live band, or maybe this is where you decide to pull back in the budget, and go with a carefully curated Spotify playlist over the venue speakers.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to get the majority of your vendors locked in at this point, so that you can avoid decision fatigue later on in your journey.



Wedding Colour Palettes And Schemes
With your florist and maybe even a stylist locked in, the ten month mark is where you can really delve into the nitty gritty details of your wedding palette, and decide just how you want to bring your vision to life.

As we mentioned earlier, Pinterest is about to become your best friend. Start by filtering through all of the common wedding keywords, including:

  • Wedding ceremony backdrop
  • Wedding table styling
  • Bridal bouquet

When something catches your eye, be sure to add it to your own wedding theme board, as this will create a simple vision board that you can show your florist when you’re chatting about all things blooms.

A bold and bright palette is the perfect addition to a summer wedding, offering shades of magenta, red, orange, and lemon throughout table florals and stationery, however, many couples love a sleek and classy all white palette to let their venue do the talking – the options are endless.

It’s tough to know exactly what your style will be in 10 months time, so we suggest saving at least two or three wedding colour palettes that really catch your eye – remember, you won’t have to confirm these details until a few months before your wedding anyways!

Time To Go Looking For Wedding Outfits
Ten months before your wedding is also a great time to start outfit hunting!

While suits might not require this much lead time, if you’re looking for a stunning wedding dress that is custom fitted to your body, you’ll need to get in early to ensure you can snap up exactly what you’re after with plenty of time. You’ll also want to give yourself plenty of time to try a variety of dresses, especially if this is your first time seeing yourself in a wedding day – you never know what you might fall in love with!

We recommend trying a bunch of different styles to see what suits, and shopping around to ensure you’re getting the best value for money. Remember, you don’t need to buy your dress straight away!

Use this time to window show and try on as many as you like before eventually settling for the one – for many, this is one of the bigger decisions involved in your wedding journey.



At this point in your journey, nine months before your wedding, take the opportunity to say ‘I do’ to your wedding dress.

The Wedding Dress
After what is bound to be a lengthy process going from store to store, trying on a million beautiful gowns, we hope you’ve found the one that you’re ready to commit to.

This timeline will give you ample time to have any alterations made so that your dress fits you like a glove, and will mean that you can start thinking about how to to take your outfit to the next level with accessories like a veil, and jewelry.

Wedding Cake
Next, it’s time to get that delicious wedding cake all locked in. Take this as an opportunity to sample plenty of cake tasting boxes with your lover, using this as an at-home date night opportunity where you crack open a bottle of wine, put on your favourite movie and sample every flavour that these bakers have to offer!

Have a think about whether you want a large, multi-tiered cake that will allow your entire guest list to have a slice, or if you’d prefer something smaller to use for the cake cutting, before serving alternate desserts instead.

You’ll also need to have a think about what kind of design you’re after, and this is again where the Pinterest research can come in handy. You’ll find images of everything from vintage heart cakes to 3 tiered classic beauties, so it’s up to you to decide how much of a focal point you want your wedding cake to be.

Once you’ve made up your mind, get to locking in that sweet treat!

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From 8-5 months out


With your gorgeous gown or outfit all organised, eight months out from your wedding is when we suggest starting to start having a look around for wedding party outfits, such as bridesmaid dresses.

While you may not be looking to commit to anything just yet, this is a good opportunity to browse what’s out and see if anything catches your eye, style or colour wise for your big day. Be sure to look instore, as this will allow your wedding party to try each ensemble on, getting an idea for size and what styles flatter their body shape – there’s honestly nothing worse than wearing a dress that you’re uncomfortable in all night long.

For our time-conscious couples, don’t be afraid to also shop online as this often provides a much greater variety of items and colours, and with 8 months until your wedding, you’ll have plenty of time to return any dresses that don’t quite work out.

Wedding Gift Registry
Here’s a fun one – start your gift registry (if you’re wanting one, of course).

To make wedding party gifts giving easier for your guests, many couples choose to put together a gift registry, which is a comprehensive list of all of the things you could ever want to receive. Often large department stores will allow you to open a registry through them, meaning you simply go online and select anything that catches your eye to add to your gift registry. Alternatively, you can create your own spreadsheet, which you can easily link on your wedding website and invitations for guests to explore in the lead up to your wedding day.

While this may not need to be finalised for a few more months, there’s no harm in starting early and getting a feel for what is out there, especially if there’s something you’ve had your eye on for a while now!



Next on your wedding checklist is to organise the remainder of your wedding stationery. This involves everything from the wedding invitations due to be sent out in a few months time, to the on the day pieces such as menus, bar signage, welcome sign and place cards.

Have a think about whether you’re going to go big and include lots of custom design elements, or if you’d prefer to just go with the essentials, and then decide what wording and designs you’d like to include.

No doubt throughout your Pinterest stalking that you’ve come across some amazing inspiration that is getting you excited to transform your venue.

On a similar note, it’s time to get your creative hat on and start planning your styling items! If you’ve chosen to do your styling yourself (go you!), you’ll need to decide just what you’re hoping to incorporate into each part of your day, from the ceremony to the reception.

Many couples opt to hire their styling items from an external company, meaning they simply select what they’re after, use it on their wedding day, then return it back to the company once the festivities have concluded, which is great for a couple who is time poor.

If you’re loving the idea of a DIY wedding, you may instead opt to buy your own candles, table linen, and signage, taking your creative skills to the next level and taking on this fun side job that you get to see come to life.



Six months before the wedding is when you’ll want to check in with your Florist.

Since you’ve had a few months to do your research and gather your inspiration, this is where you have the opportunity to have a more in depth conversation about exactly what you’re dreaming of for your wedding day. This chat will include seasonal flower varieties, colours, arrangements, and give you a better idea of how much your quote will be so that you can budget accordingly.

This meeting is bound to give you a wedding buzz!

Now is also the time to organise all of your wedding day transport for yourself and your wedding party members.

If cars aren’t all that important to you, this is a great way to pinch your purse strings and save a bit of cash, opting for a van or regular car to get you and your entourage to where you need to be. For the car enthusiasts, look into hiring a vintage luxury car that can also be incorporated into your portrait session as a prop – talk about luxe!

And don’t forget to send through all of your getting ready details and your runsheet to your transportation company of choice.



Here’s what’s included on your wedding day checklist for month five!

Wedding Hair And Makeup
With your hair and makeup artist likely booked in by this point, this is your opportunity to have a formal trial done to make sure you’re completely sold on your wedding day look.

Opt to do this on a day when you have some fun plans, such as your hens night or bridal shower, or a romantic dinner with your partner, so that you can test the longevity of your look and your glam look doesn’t go to waste!

This is a great opportunity to ask your glam team any questions you may have and make any changes before the big day – don’t be afraid to speak up.

Plan Your Honeymoon
With only five months to go, you can also start planning your honeymoon!

Hop onto the internet and start browsing potential destinations, itineraries and begin budgeting what this might look like. For many couples, this is a chance to take the trip of a lifetime, opting to go overseas and make the most of an extended break away together.

The world is your oyster, and after months of planning your dream wedding, you two will definitely deserve a vacation!

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From 4-1 month out

4 Months out

The end of your wedding planning is in sight, with only four months until your wedding! These are the important items on your wedding checklist for this month.

Groom Wedding Suits
The Groom and groomsmen should begin the hunt for the perfect suit, whether they choose to buy them or hire them for the day.

Many people will opt for a luxury hand tailored suit for the occasion, so if that’s the case, you’ll need to get this organised early to ensure it’s created on time.

Think about what style of suit you’re hoping for and start shopping!

Buy The Wedding Rings
On the topic of shopping, this is also the perfect time to go buy your wedding bands.

This is such a fun date idea for you and your lover, as you get to hit the stores together and try on stunning rings until you find the one. Once these are secured, be sure to keep them in a safe place until the wedding day.

Bridal Shower, Hens And Bucks Night Planning
While the wedding is the most important event in the calendar, you have the opportunity to keep the festivities going by hosting a bridal shower and hens/bucks night. Grab your wedding party and get to planning these exciting events, which are usually held in the final months prior to the wedding!

This is the best occasion for a bride, as it’s a chance to sit back and celebrate your nuptials surrounded by your loved ones, and who doesn’t love an opportunity to wear another stunning outfit!



The final stretch has begun – three months until you tie the knot. There are a few important things to tick off the checklist this month.

Wedding Invitations
Firstly, this is generally when your wedding invitations are sent out to your nearest and dearest.

This gives about eight weeks for guests to RSVP so that you can confirm your final numbers, so make sure that these are sent out on time!

If you’re hosting a destination wedding, however, your invitations should be sent out even earlier to ensure your guests can make all of the necessary arrangements. Be sure to keep track of who responds your wedding invitation so that you have a clear, finalised guest list to share with your venue when the time comes.

Menu Tasting
The three month mark is also when your menu tasting may occur with your chosen caterer.

This is such an exciting component of your wedding journey, and will definitely keep the excitement high as you’ll be sipping bubbly and enjoying handcrafted food by the best of the best.

This will assist you in finalising your menu for your wedding day, and ensuring that everything is perfectly up to scratch, whether you’re hosting a formal sit down dinner, or a casual cocktail soiree.



Dress Fitting
Next on your wedding checklist is to attend your final dress fitting or outfit fitting.

These happen over the course of the year before your wedding, but two months before the big day is when final alterations will be made to ensure your outfit fits like a glove on your wedding day.

Choose The Wedding Ceremony Music Playlist
With your wedding ceremony just around the corner, take some time to think about the music you’d like to incorporate into this special time. While many couples may choose the beautiful addition of live guitarists, harpists or acoustic duos, others may simply go with a pre-recorded song that can be played on Spotify, that is special to their love story.

Whichever you choose to go with will no doubt add to the romance ambience of your wedding ceremony. Then, decide how you’ll incorporate music into your reception entrance, speeches and first dance.

If you’ve hired a DJ or band for your reception, they will be able to help with this.

At the two month mark, we also recommend finalising the important wanted gifts off of your wedding checklist too.



It’s the final countdown – just one month to go until your wedding day!

It’s common for couples to feel overwhelmed at this point, so don’t forget to take a deep breath and focus on your wellbeing as well as your wedding, because that is just as crucial as checking all of the boxes on your wedding checklist.

Final Meeting With The Wedding Planner
At this point in your journey, you’ll be heading into your final meeting with your Wedding Planner (if you opted for one), and with your venue. This final meeting will go through everything involved in your wedding day from start to finish, checking that timing for hair and makeup is correct, ensuring the correct details are listed on your runsheet, and answering any last minute questions you might have about the day’s proceedings.

It’s also common for final payments from vendors and the venue to be due at this point so be prepared for this, and don’t forget to keep track of all of this in a handy spreadsheet so that you know exactly what payments are coming up when and you can be prepared.

Final Walkthrough Of Venue
This is also your opportunity for a final walkthrough of the venue before you see it transformed on your wedding day.

With RSVPs finally due, this is where you’ll confirm final guest numbers with your venue and caterer, and finalise your seating chart so that your on the day team knows exactly where everyone is sitting.

Floristry: Anatomy of Flowers

The weeks before


Final Call With Florist, Catering, Photographer And Celebrant
With only 3 weeks before the wedding, now’s when we suggest touching base with all of your wedding vendors to confirm all of the finalised details.

Send an email or book in a final call with your florist, caterer, photographer, celebrant, and anyone else involved in your celebration, and ensure that they have a copy of your updated runsheet, contact details on the day, and know exactly what you’re expecting from them so that there’s no confusion.

This is generally the point where every element or detail needs to be confirmed, and it’s likely that after this check in, you won’t be able to make any changes, so be sure to have a good think about everything in the lead up to this check in.

If you have a wedding planner by your side, they will handle all of this admin for you, so you can sit back and relax.

Beauty Businesses Appointments
On top of this, get in touch with all of your favourite beauty businesses and get those final appointments locked in!

We’re talking everything from top to toe that you’ll need to have done in the week prior to the wedding and booking these in weeks in advance will mean that you won’t miss out on an appointment with your most trusted businesses, and you can work around the rest of your busy pre-wedding schedule.



Your wedding day is inching closer by the days, so with two weeks to go, this is really the time to ensure every final detail is organised and ready to go.

Planning Wedding Day Logistics
Start by going through your runsheet to understand exactly how your day is planned to go from start to finish.

If you chose to go with a Wedding Planner, they will have read through this runsheet with a fine toothed comb to ensure that nothing is missing, and that the timings will work perfectly – remember, they have planned a wedding or two in their time! Any questions you might have about the logistics of your wedding day, this is the time to ask them.

If something doesn’t look quite right, use this as an opportunity to make some small tweaks, but ensure that you don’t forget to send any changes through to your vendors, as they will also be following this runsheet like their Bible on the day.

If you’ve decided to go down the DIY route and have some beautiful elements that need to be delivered to the venue prior to your wedding, start packing these up into clearly labelled boxes and store them somewhere safe. Over the next two weeks, you can continue to add to these boxes, ensuring everything is put away securely and nothing is forgotten.

This is also a great opportunity to make a concise list of everything that should be in these boxes which you can continue to tick off of your wedding checklist over the coming days and weeks.



With plenty of things to get done before the big day, this is no doubt bound to be one of your busiest weeks.

Pick Up The Outfit
First things first, it’s time to pick up your outfit. Whether you opted for a stunning gown, handmade suit or custom ensemble, most businesses will have you come and pick up your outfit in the week leading up to your wedding so that you can make final preparations.

This will include steaming, hanging in a safe place, and storing it alongside all of your other wedding day accessories so that they’re all ready to go.

We can’t express what an exciting moment this is, so grab your best friend or family, go pick up that outfit and pop open a bottle of bubbles to celebrate this milestone occasion!

Write Your Wedding Vows
Also, use this week as an opportunity to write your vows for your wedding ceremony. Give yourself enough time to really soak in the feeling and write from the heart, thinking about your favourite moments with your lover, and getting them all down on paper.

While your vows don’t need to be long, you’re likely to write and rewrite them over the course of a few days, getting new inspiration everywhere you go.

This is such a special part of your wedding checklist, so take in all of the emotions and get ready to share your thoughts with your partner on your wedding day.



Your long awaited wedding is only one day away – congratulations! There are of course plenty of things to remember, so don’t hesitate to share the load with those around you.

If you’ve opted to have a wedding party, be sure to allocate tasks to each person so that no detail is missed, and you can focus on your energy and excitement before you walk down the aisle.

Hang Wedding Outfits
Whether you’ve opted for a lush wedding gown, two piece suit, or custom designed ensemble, this needs to be at the forefront of your preparation.

Your outfit should be ready on a hanger, freshly steamed, and popped into a garment bag to keep it safe and ready for the big moment.

Our tip – have your outfit hanging somewhere high to keep it out of the way of the getting ready madness, and help avoid any creases.

Outfit Accessories
Going hand in hand with the outfit, is the accessories.

We’re talking about your most special pair of wedding shoes, as well as a stunning veil, hat or headpiece, which you’ll want to put away safely alongside your outfit so that it’s easily accessible and ready to be popped on when your hair and makeup are done! While your outfit is uber important, these accessories can make or break your overall look so you’re definitely going to want them to be prepared the night before and in pristine condition.

You may also have a variety of items that need to be dropped off at the wedding venue prior to the big day. This could include table styling, menus, welcome signs, and wedding favours, all of which will be set up on the day before the festivities kick off.

It’s crucial that these elements are organised days prior to the wedding, put into boxes, triple-counted, and safely secured so that every item is in order and ready to be delivered to the special venue.

The wedding day

Today is the culmination of months of planning—the day you’ve been dreaming of! Begin by grounding yourself with a hearty breakfast.

Allow plenty of time for beauty preparations, ensuring you look and feel your best. A quick check-in with your key vendors will ensure everyone’s on the same page and set for the day.

Your rings and vital documents should be safeguarded by someone reliable, perhaps a family member. As the ceremony draws near, ensure everything’s in place, from the seating arrangements to the special traditions you’ve chosen. The reception should echo your vision—confirm details like the seating chart and table setups.

Amidst the hustle, remember to keep essentials on hand for any surprises, and more importantly, pause frequently to relish the memories you’re creating.

What to do after the wedding

With what was hopefully the best night of your life done and dusted, there are just a few things to check off your wedding day checklist before you can fully immerse yourself in married life.

First off, you’ll need to nominate either yourself or a loved one to return to the wedding venue and collect anything you may have left behind, which could include styling items, flowers, or leftover wedding cake.

Most wedding venues will often give you a couple of days to come back and collect everything, but we recommend heading over the next day to get it out of the way so that you can get straight into enjoying newlywed life!

Vendor Reviews
Another important aspect post-wedding has got to be the vendor reviews.

Your wedding day will involve a variety of suppliers, from your venue staff, to the catering team, florist, photographer, and everyone in between, all working together to create a stress-free memorable wedding day for you, so it’s important to leave honest reviews about the quality of their service.

The best time to share your reviews, whether it be on Google, via email or on an external platform, is the days following your wedding when all of your memories and thoughts are still fresh and you’re still riding the love wave!

Go On Honeymoon
With all of the formalities out of the way, now it’s simply time to hop back into your love bubble and enjoy time with your lover.

Go on your honeymoon, look through your stunning wedding photos, listen to stories from your guests, and reminisce every chance you get.

There’s no time limit to how long you can enjoy this loved up time, so make the most of it!

Venue: The Button Factory

Wedding planning frequently asked questions

How Far in Advance Should I Start Planning?
It’s highly recommended that you begin planning your wedding at least twelve to eighteen months in advance to ensure that you can lock in all of your favourite wedding vendors.

Popular and experienced wedding vendors are likely to book out months or even years in advance, and if your wedding falls in peak wedding season (October to April), you’ll need to start planning your nuptials nice and early.

What To Do 100 Days Before Your Wedding?
100 days before your wedding it’s time to start sending out your wedding invitations to all of your guests, giving them plenty of time to RSVP before you need to confirm final numbers. It’s also time to:

  • book in a trial of your hair and makeup
  • organise colour palette
  • work out timings on the day
  • gather wedding day contacts

How Do I Determine a Budget for My Wedding?
It’s important to do your research and get a good understanding of the realistic costs associated with a wedding and amazing vendors.

Then have a conversation with your partner and anyone else who may be contributing to the big day, such as parents. This will give you a better understanding about how much you have to work with for your wedding budget.

When Is the Best Time to Hire Wedding Vendors?
The best time to hire your wedding vendors has got to be right after you get engaged.

Once you’ve locked in your wedding date at your dream venue, start researching vendors who tick all of your boxes, including photographers, florists, stylists and wedding planners.

The earlier you lock in a vendor, the better, as this ensures you have access to the best of the best – generally this is twelve to eighteen months before your wedding day.

What Are Common Mistakes to Avoid in Wedding Planning?
Not setting a wedding budget when you begin planning your wedding, as this often leads to excessive overspending which many couples often regret.

Another common mistake is not booking your wedding vendors early enough.

Couples may opt to put a pause on planning their wedding once they get engaged, but leaving these big decisions too late may mean that you often miss out on securing your favourite vendors for your date.

Can You Share A Wedding Planning Checklist?
Nudo has put together a comprehensive free wedding checklist, that covers every aspect of your wedding day and the lead up, to ensure you don’t forget any important aspects.

Before you say ‘I do’: Last minute checklist glances!

Are you now ready to start writing your own wedding day checklist?

There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding from the moment you get engaged until you walk down the aisle, so having a clear checklist written by the professionals is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re on track with your planning.

As you go through your own wedding journey, use our checklist to cross reference your plans and ensure you detail goes amiss, or write your own based on your specific wedding plans and journey.

Month by month you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve and how it all just comes together over time, and on your wedding day.

Love what you just read? Be sure to share our free wedding day checklist with our engaged couples who might need a hand to start their planning process!

Want to know more?

Nudo is a dynamic team made up of planners and designers based on Melbourne that looks at weddings and events a little differently. With a complete collection of the best vendors in Melbourne under their roof, they offer thoughtfully crafted, complete wedding experiences for couples who love the creative, but hate the logistics. From floristry, styling and design, to catering, and photography, Nudo offers everything you need to create an incredible event, without the stress.

If you’re looking for a team of dreamers and doers on your side to guide you through the journey step by step, drink glasses of bubbles, and make event planning fun, then contact us to learn more.

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