We may be biased, but we truly think the opportunity to transform our spaces to suit your needs is endless.

There’s a plethora of reasons why we think you should host your next corporate event or workshop at a Nudo venue, and we’re here to tell you exactly why!

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First things first, if you’re looking for a large-scale venue to host your next corporate activation, event or party, look no further. With a variety of spaces across Melbourne under our belt, there’s bound to be one that ticks all of your boxes.

Just look at The Button Factory, for example. Three unique spaces under one roof, with The Loft holding up to 220 guests in a number of different ways.

We love this venue as it can easily be transformed to suit a sit down conference style event, a stand up cocktail party with plenty of room for mingling, or an end of year party where your guests are treated to a dance floor and a bustling bar. Each of our venues has this open floor-plan layout, and we think it’s a major selling point when planning an event!

There’s only one thing better than an open layout, and that’s multiple open layouts. We’re talking numerous event spaces under one roof that allow you and your guests to flow freely throughout the venue, enjoying what it has to offer.

Hosting a corporate event that’ll include a number of activations? Prepare to be wowed by The Wool Mill. Offering three unique spaces over two levels, you’re able to split the venue into areas based on your activations and activities. When it comes to this, Nudo Sales team member Gavin said it best, “The transition between the 3 distinct spaces of The Wool Mill is one of its most standout features. Starting in one place and finishing in another creates a continual surprise and delight which keeps everyone curious about what comes next.”

Imagine your attendees beginning their day in the upstairs foyer where they can mingle and enjoy a drink, before moving into our upper hall space to be seated and enjoy a welcome presentation. From there, activations can take place throughout the large Feasting Hall, as well as upstairs, allowing for a variety of activities for differing groups of guests throughout the event. One venue, a million ways to make it your own!

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On a similar note, you may be searching for a venue where you can allow your guests to tipple between indoor and outdoor on a beautiful summer’s day.

We cannot speak highly enough about a venue that offers this, and that’s where Gather & Tailor really shines! This venue located in the heart of West Melbourne boasts a brand new outdoor deck area fit with umbrellas, high tables and plenty of greenery, the perfect spot for your guests to take a breather and take advantage of some Vitamin D.

What does this mean for your event? Liz from the Nudo Sales team had this to say, “Having both an indoor and outdoor entertaining area makes Gather & Tailor an ideal wedding venue, as guests can enjoy a variety of spaces to keep the evening exciting and progressive, without having to stray too far away from the rest of the event.”


Now, while it may be hard to book a prime Saturday evening in summer for your dream wedding, there’s something oh so easy about a weekday corporate event!

Nudo’s venues are fully functional all 7 days of the week, meaning that there is ample flexibility for when your event can be held. Whether it be a midday extravaganza, or an evening soiree, each venue offers the ability to accommodate your plans without having to sacrifice the elements on your wishlist, even in peak wedding season!

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When it’s time to plan your next corporate event, allow us to take the stress out of finding your perfect venue. With some many favourable factors throughout each and every Nudo venue, you’re bound to find the ideal space for your next corporate event, party or activation.

Need some assistance? Let our Sales team show you around and help you envision just what you can create in our spaces. Get in touch with us!



Nudo is a dynamic team of Planners, Stylists and Designers based in Melbourne who specialise in bringing together unforgettable corporate events. With a complete collection of the best vendors in Melbourne under their roof, they offer stress-free, streamlined experiences for businesses who are looking for a unique, memorable event.

Nudo offers everything you need to create your ideal product launch, networking event, or end of year celebration.

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