Elevate Your Next Corporate Event

4 ways to elevate your corporate event

Majority of businesses are bound to have a corporate event calendar that is bustling with everything from awards nights, to networking events, launch parties, and of course end of year celebrations. While businesses may think that it may be a simple feat to pick a date, secure a venue and get the whole shebang organised, that’s simply not always the case.

If you’re looking to host an unforgettable corporate event this year, that is as epic as it is memorable and brand centric, keep reading for four tips on how to elevate your event.

Venue: The Trust

Location is everything

First things first, a memorable event needs an iconic venue, and when it comes to corporate events, location is everything. With guests most likely travelling from a variety of directions, you’ll be on the hunt for a unique but convenient location that ticks all of the boxes, and for many companies, the most desired spot is in or around the city. Need a recommendation?

Meet The Trust, located right in the heart of Melbourne CBD on Flinders Lane. This space boasts luxe finishes, with a stunning marble bar, plenty of space for guests to mingle and dance, and is located within close proximity to public transport, eliminating hassle and making it a no-brainer venue for upcoming corporate events.

Venue: The Wool Mill

Transform the space

So, you’ve locked in an awesome venue, congrats! Now it’s time to have a think about how you can take the space to the next level, and transform it with the help of some next-level suppliers.

But most important of all, is ensuring your brand’s personality is at the forefront. There is no limit to how this can be incorporated into your event, from custom signage welcoming guests into the space, floor decals with your brands slogan front and center on the dance floor, to textural linen and table styling that incorporate your core colours, tying the whole event together.

If you’re looking for something even more showstopping, allow floral installations to boast the entryway with your logo hanging proudly, creating a grand entrance for attendees. If you’re on the hunt for some experience creators who will take the stress out of designing a space and create a one of a kind event, get in touch with Anatomy of Flowers and The Goodsmiths.

Opt for epic entertainment

No corporate event is ever fully complete without some blockbuster entertainment to keep the good vibes going for the whole day. Whether you’re hosting an end of financial year party, networking event, or sit down presentation night, you’ll want to ensure that guests are entertained and enjoying themselves, so that they’ll talk about your event for years to come.

We’re envisioning a live band, professional dancers, and sax players, who are there to create excitement and break up the formalities throughout the event. Other additions could include a photo booth, live cocktail making, or visual artists that allow guests to mingle and break the ice over the course of the evening. Trust us, there won’t be a dull moment all night long!

Food and Beverage: Refresh

Level up with food and beverages

While there are many important aspects of an event, food and drinks has got to be up the top. You’ll want to ensure that you’ve secured a caterer that is ready to bring your culinary dreams to life, and create a tailored experience for your event that also meets dietary needs and requirements. If guests will be taking part in an event that spans over a number of hours, you’ll also want to make sure that there’s plenty of it available – no one wants to go home hungry!

And most importantly, you’ll want a food and beverage experience that is instagrammable. Consider opting for custom cocktails, mouthwatering canapés, and a grazing table that one could only dream of, as this will have attendees plastering your event all over the socials, and make it an unforgettable experience. Not sure where to start? Get in touch with Refresh, who are perfectly primed to bring any event to life with tailored catering solutions. We just know you and your guests will not be disappointed!

Now that we’ve given you some insight into what the most important parts of any corporate event are, we hope you’re ready to get planning! There’s no limit to how you can bring an event to life with the help of some iconic additions and some experienced suppliers.

If you need a helping hand to get your planning underway, don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about how Nudo can transform your next event.

Want to know more?

Nudo is a dynamic team of Planners, Stylists and Designers based in Melbourne who specialise in bringing together unforgettable corporate events. With a complete collection of the best vendors in Melbourne under their roof, they offer stress-free, streamlined experiences for businesses who are looking for a unique, memorable event.

Nudo offers everything you need to create your ideal product launch, networking event, or end-of-year celebration.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to guide you through the journey step by step, then contact us to learn more.

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