Ever Thine at Chapel 1885

Ever thine at Chapel 1885

Chapel 1885 is revered for its heritage-listed beauty, full of exposed brickwork, natural sunlight, and luxe finishes, making it an easy choice for couples looking for a spot to host their epic intimate nuptials.

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Photographer: Art of Grace

This converted loft boasts features that one could only dream about, including a wrought-iron staircase, lavish chandeliers, and an arch window that allows sunlight to stream into the dining room creating a natural ambience. Its greatest feature, however, truly is versatility.

One space allows you to host an enchanting modern romance story over a number of hours, starting as an elegant ceremony location, and then being transformed into the intimate dining experience of your dreams. While the space is sophisticated, opulent and eye-catching on its own, there is nothing better than seeing it transformed to suit individual personalities and styles.

Venue: Chapel 1885

One of Chapel 1885’s most popular looks features the venue draped in gold touches, from cutlery and tapered candle holders, to plinths, accenting the stunning gold finishes already seen around the venue, alongside bold red tones.

Line the staircase with blooms, so fresh and bright, allowing your guests to be wowed from the moment they step through the doors. The iconic arch window is framed with freestanding florals in varying shades of red, burgundy, scarlet and wine, ready for you to tie the knot in luxurious fashion. Blooms burst from each guest table, contrasting so perfectly against the red brick walls.

The hues of red and gold work hand in hand to add to the opulent feel in the space, creating a lavish yet inviting atmosphere to celebrate the night away. Paired with beautiful coupe champagne glasses and textural linens, the dining room is one you’ll never forget. Spice it up with custom menus, welcome signs and stationery featuring complimentary tones of red and gold – this will add that special cherry on top.

Photographer: Art of Grace

If you’re looking for something more soft, dreamy and romantic, however, allow us to inspire you. While the exposed brickwork pairs beautifully with bold tones, it meshes perfectly with shades of baby pink lavender, yellow and peach, creating a whimsical theme for your nuptials that brings the Chapel alive.

There’s something so magical about sunlight streaming on to soft-toned blooms as they create a lush, cascading floral backdrop that envelopes you as you tie the knot. Opt to line guest tables with soft tulle runners, pairing this with elegant white napkins, and tapered candles that add warmth and ambience to your reception. Lush vaseless arrangements and ikebana bowls bursting with pastel hues will take the space to the next level, enchanting guests while adding a modern, chic feel.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up a winter wedding, or perhaps to add to the playful feel of a summer soiree, there is no limit to what you can add and how you can breathe personality into Chapel 1885. We are eager to see how you bring your modern love story to life in 2023 and beyond!

To learn more about events at Chapel 1885, download the brochure here.

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