Get Married Quickly In Australia

How to get married quickly in Australia

Have you just said ‘yes!’ to the love of your life? Congratulations!

Whilst many couples opt to secure a wedding date well in the future, often between twelve and 18 months in advance, you may be looking to get married quickly for a number of reasons, including employment, medical reasons, travel and more.

Though there are plenty of decisions to be made in the planning process, we have no doubt that we can help you get married quickly in Australia with these helpful, easy steps.

How to get married in Australia in easy steps

There are a few things you’ll need to check off your to-do list if you’re planning on getting married quickly in Australia, and we’ve broken these down into steps for you and your lover to follow on your planning journey.

Some steps are optional, however there are others that must be completed, and by a specific date, in order to legally be married in Australia. 

1. Select a marriage celebrant

First things first, in order to be married legally and quickly within Australia, you’ll need to lock in an authorised marriage celebrant who is available to facilitate your ceremony with such short notice.

This is probably the most important aspect and needs to be sorted nice and early, as you will need to lodge your Notice of Intent to Marry to your celebrant a minimum of one month before you intend to tie the knot.

Your celebrant will need to have the paperwork organised for you and ensure any formalities are ready to go before your big day.

2. Submit legal documents

As mentioned above, there are legal documents that need to be submitted at least one month before you plan on getting married in Australia, meaning you will need to account for this in your timeline. 

Your Notice of Intent to Marry will require you to fill out the relevant personal information, before handing it over to your marriage celebrant to be lodged by the deadline. Some identification will also be required in this process, such as a passport or birth certificate, for example, so be sure to have this handy and ready to go when you begin this step so that you don’t waste time hunting it down.

Whilst you may have planned to get married quickly in Australia, without these documents submitted on time by an authorised celebrant, you won’t be able to progress much further in your journey!

3. Secure a venue and date

With your Notice of Intent to Marry officially submitted and a celebrant locked in, you now have a wedding date to work towards, allowing you to decide how you want to celebrate your nuptials.

If you’re looking to host an unforgettable wedding, you may be on the hunt for a wedding venue that can bring your dream wedding vision to life, allowing you to host your ceremony and reception in one place, and add in all of the exciting extras. 

It’s important to note however, that many conventional wedding venues may not be able to accommodate a full-sized wedding on such a short timeline, so be sure to have a list of a variety of spaces to reach out to when the time comes.

You may also begin to reach out to venues to suss out their availability before your paperwork is formally submitted to get a better idea of where you may be able to celebrate.

For something slightly more low-key but just as memorable, opt for a more intimate soiree with just your nearest and dearest that can be hosted within a private dining room – you might find these venues have just a tad more flexibility with dates.

4. Lock in any other suppliers

Just because you’re wanting to get married quickly, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all of the amazing elements that go into a wedding! Whether you’ve decided on a full-blown celebration or a smaller party, there are plenty of other suppliers that you can lock in, even on short notice. 

We’re talking a Florist and Stylist to elevate the venue and add personal touches, a Photographer to capture every candid moment of your most special day from beginning to end, and of course a cake maker to whip up a delicious treat to sweeten the deal.

Choose to incorporate all of these elements or just a few, prioritising what is most important to you and where you see the greatest value for money for your wedding day. 

There’s no limit to what you can include on your wedding day, so go big and allow it to be everything you and your lover have ever dreamed of!

5. Send invitations

Last but certainly not least, send out invitations to your loved ones. With your big day coming around quickly, you’ll want to ensure that you’re giving your family and friends as much notice as possible, even if it’s only a few weeks. 

You might decide to go the simple and easy route and send virtual invitations outlining all of the important contact details, or you might be able to whip up some beautiful physical invites that you can post out to each guest – whatever you choose, you’ll need to do it quicksmart!

How can I get married as fast as possible (in less than one month)?

So, you’re hoping to get married as fast as possible – we don’t blame you! Getting married is one of the most exciting things you’ll do in life, so if you’re hoping to get married as fast as possible, there are a few things for you to consider.

If you’re in a time crunch and are wanting to seal the deal in less than one calendar month, there are just a few ways you can do this legally in Australia, and we’ve listed them below.

1. Shortening of the notice period

Usually a 30 day notice period applies to marriages within Australia, meaning that generally most couples will need to wait at least one month to be legally married.

However if circumstances allow, your authorised marriage celebrant can apply for a “Shortening of the Notice Period” which reduces this 30 day limit.

This can be allowed due to employment related or travel commitments, medical reasons, or legal proceedings. If you don’t fall into one of these categories, your application form will most likely be rejected.

2. Get married overseas

Option number two is to get married overseas where different rules may apply.

Though this may not necessarily be the quickest or easiest way of getting married, it is a legal way of getting married. This involves selecting a country that abides by Australian legal requirements of marriage, such as New Zealand, who only require 3 working days’ notice to be married.

Another option is to get married quickly in the USA as many of their states, including California, Arizona and Nevada, require little or no waiting period.

Did someone say Vegas elopement?!

Frequently asked questions on getting married quickly

Can I Get Married In Australia Quickly Without A Wedding?

To be married in Australia without a wedding, this requires you to submit a Notice Of Intention To Marry with a celebrant 30 days prior

You can formally complete and sign the legal documents with just a celebrant and two witnesses present.


Can I Get Married Without A Wedding In Melbourne, Victoria?

Of course! This is generally called a legals-only wedding ceremony, and is conducted by an authorised marriage celebrant who will organise and submit all of the required paperwork, making the entire deal official!

You can also opt to be married at the Married Registry office, alongside your witnesses.


Can I Get Married Online?

No, you cannot get married online.

A marriage ceremony must take place in the physical presence of a marriage celebrant and two witnesses.


Will My Overseas Marriage Be Recognised In Australia?

Overseas marriages are generally recognised in Australia if it’s recognised under the law of the country where the marriage took place.

However, this marriage can’t be registered in Australia.


Do I Need To Be An Australian Citizen To Get Married In Australia?

No! Whilst there are other requirements you may need to meet to be married in Australia, you do not need to be an Australian citizen to get married here.


How Much Does It Cost To Get Married Quickly In Australia?

The cost to get married quickly in Australia may vary by state, but the main costs you will need to account for will include hiring a celebrant, administration and application fees and the cost of the marriage certificate.

Any other additional extras such as photographer, floristry, wedding planning and a venue will also incur additional costs.

Final thoughts on getting married quickly

Feeling inspired to get married quickly?

While there might be a variety of things to consider before you tie the knot, it’s well within reach and certainly possible to make happen with some avid planning and ensuring that you have all of the right legalities ironed out.

If you enjoyed this blog and it has helped you understand how to get married quickly in Australia, be sure to share it with other engaged couples who might need a helping hand! Have more questions?

Get in touch with us today to learn more.

If you aren’t getting married fast, then why not check out our wedding planning checklist article.

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