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The top 5 things we love about small, intimate weddings

For many couples an intimate wedding can be the perfect fit. Imagine you, the love of your life an intimate group of the people you love most celebrating into the night. We are here to share with you all the reasons we love an intimate wedding. We think you should too!

#1 It takes the pressure off your guest list

Ahh the wedding guest list. Even though this is you and your partner’s special day it seems that everyone feels they deserve a say in who you should invite. You had planned on a guest list of 130, but then your parents chime in requesting an invite for 40 of their friends. Emphasis on the ‘their’. Or pressure to invite those distant relatives you haven’t seen since you were five, but ‘you can’t not invite them!’. It can be hard having these conversations with your loved ones and trying to rationalise why you don’t want to extend invites to everyone. The cost alone is a huge factor but mostly you want everyone attending your wedding to be important people to you. Having an intimate wedding makes it easy. If you have settled on 20-50 guest numbers it makes it much easier to draw the line and prevent the domino effect!

Venue: Chapel 1885

#2 Your choice of venue just blew wide open!

When shopping around for your perfect venue a major factor is ensuring they can cater for your guest numbers. No one likes a tight space where you need to compete for a chair to rest your dancing feet. Or if a large dance floor is super important to you, but you find out you need to compromise on that to make sure everyone has a seat for your alternating main menu. Having an intimate wedding opens you up to not only the beautiful standard sized venues but also the charming restaurants, beautifully styled gallery spaces and so much more. If you have a specific style or are after something different this really is such a wonderful way for you to pick a more unique venue space.

#3 Having more time to enjoy the day and quality time with your guests

The classic post-wedding line of ‘the day just flew by!’. So many couples find that they spend their wedding day on fast forward. Have they gotten a photo with everyone? Did they make sure to say hello and thank each person individually for coming? Amongst all this chaos it can be easy to forget to take in those little moments not only with your guests, but with each other as well. Did you even get a chance to try your wedding cake? A more intimate wedding doesn’t have you split in half and competing against the clock to say hello to everyone, and missing the amazing day you spent so long planning. You have more quality time to spend with your select special guests and to really enjoy your day.

Photographer: Art of Grace

#4 It’s a more sustainable choice

Having a smaller wedding is an amazing way to reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint. To start with, having smaller guest numbers means that there is less energy, food, and water used. Fewer guest tables also result in needing less decor and flower arrangements, which can so often turn into wastage post-wedding. So you are using a low fewer resources with this intimate group and having far less wastage! Not to mention that smaller guest numbers can also result in fewer guests who may have needed to travel to be there for your special day.

#5 It creates a relaxed and romantic atmosphere

Traditionally large weddings were always the ‘done thing’, but hand-selecting the special people to attend your wedding starts things off specifically your way. Every single person attending your wedding knows you and your partner well enough to have scored a VIP invite! It paves the way for creating a comfortable, relaxed, and romantic atmosphere where you can both feel you are being truly and utterly yourselves with the people who know you best. So, if the idea of a large crowd of eyes on you gets you feeling nervous, the warm and open environment of an intimate wedding is perfect.

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