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How to pull off a surprise wedding!

Have you ever been invited to what you thought was a 30th birthday, or perhaps an engagement party, only for the guest of honour to pull a fast one and reveal they’re actually getting married!?

The surprise wedding is taking over, and we are fully onboard the hype train, but if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it right!

That’s why we’ve compiled this list to help you pull off the most epic surprise wedding for friends and family. Read carefully!

Photography: Art of Grace

1. Planning a surprise wedding ceremony: Pick your cover event

First things first – you’ll need a creative decoy that is important enough to get your nearest and dearest into one room. Some of the most common events to use as a ruse include milestone birthdays, and the ever-so-popular engagement parties, where guests are already dressed to the nines and eager to attend to celebrate your love.

If you’re worried that some of your loved ones may not see this event as important as you know it is, be sure to word them up so they know just how much you want them there to celebrate with you.

Worst case scenario? Maybe you have to let it slip to a couple of guests to make sure they’re there with bells on, ready to watch you say ‘I do’. But they must be under strict instruction to keep those lips sealed!

2. Choose your dream wedding location

As with any event, obviously the location is crucial! You’ll of course want a venue that speaks to your vision and aesthetic, and one that is ready to be the backdrop for your secret nuptials, but when it comes to pulling off this grand plan, there’s something else that is bound to help you bring your event to life!

Take Gather & Tailor for example. The downstairs cocktail space is the perfect spot to host guests upon arrival, allowing them to mingle, pop a bottle of bubbly and share in a few canapes, thinking they’re indulging in an engagement or birthday celebration for the ages.

That’s when the big reveal occurs! As they climb the stairs, they’ll be met with a wedding space straight out of heaven. Picture a lush ceremony arbour (thanks to Anatomy of Flowers) with a celebrant standing under it, and rows of timber guest tables dressed up with soft table runners and romantic candles, ready to host the most romantic spontaneous wedding ever. Just one of many perks of a venue with multiple spaces!

3. Only tell wedding guests who need to know – surprise the rest!

As hard as this may sound, it’s so important that you keep the inner circle tight when it comes to letting the cat out of the bag! As much as you may want to spill the beans to your favourite coworker, neighbour, or sister’s best friend, the aim of the game is to keep as few people in the know as possible, so start by figuring out who needs to know to execute this plan.

Of course you need at least a few trustworthy people in the loop so that they can assist with the pre-wedding planning checklist, and ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible leading up to the big surprise.

Venue: Gather & Tailor

4. Don’t forget photography

This event is bound to be one for the ages, and you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t have any keepsakes to remember it by! Investing in a stellar photographer who will capture each loved up moment, every candid laugh and tear from your guests, and especially every look of shock when it’s revealed that you’re about to tie the knot, is just priceless. We personally recommend the legends from Art of Grace Photography, bound to breath personality through every image.  Trust us, you won’t regret it when you’re able to sit down and relive those wholesome moments, whether it be on your 1st wedding anniversary, or with the grandkids in the distant future. Top tip – many photographers book up well in advance, so it’s important to start hunting for your dream shooter in the initial planning stages.

Here’s some advice on how to choose the perfect wedding photographer.

5. Final step: The big reveal

Are you going to declare the news once all the guests are safely situated in the venue, drink in hand? Or are you letting the excitement linger in the air for a moment, hoping no one suspects a thing?

Either way, you’ll be bubbling with anticipation when the time finally comes for you and your beloved to make the big reveal! There are so many ways to wow your guests and have the biggest impact, but one of our personal faves is having a boisterous friend call for everyone’s attention and simply dropping the bomb that you and your partner are about to get married. Right then and there.

As we mentioned earlier, securing a venue with multiple spaces also makes for a treat, as guests are bound to be gobsmacked when they enter a fully styled space fit with a ceremony backdrop and officiant waiting.

Unsuspecting cocktails in the upstairs ceremony space, and reception in the Feasting Hall at The Wool Mill? Don’t mind if we do!

If a surprise wedding is calling your name, be sure you’ve considered every aspect of the day and you’re fully committed to keeping it a secret until the last minute. Rest assured, when that moment of reveal finally happens, there won’t be a single soul that isn’t stunned! Good luck, lovebirds!

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