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Wedding words and their meanings language – unpacking wedding language

Congratulations!!! You’re engaged and eager to start the journey of wedding planning. You’ve started reaching out to suppliers and are noticing that there are a few words mentioned in your emails and *PANIC* you have no idea what they mean. Who knew that the events industry spoke a different language?!

Before you accidentally agree to something you’re unsure of, or crack out a dictionary, take a breath and a few minutes to read this blog. There is no shame here! We will go through all the event lingo and what it means to help you through this exciting process.

Food: Refresh

Hard and soft service

Your caterer or Wedding Planner might ask you to choose between either of the above service types. Hard service is when they will stick to the timing of your run sheet. So if mains are set to come out at 7:00pm- they will come out at that time. It’s great to keep you on schedule but a con could be if your speeches run a little over time the food coming out could interrupt a very special moment.

Soft service on the other hand is more flexible. Food service can wait if things are running a little behind and therefore it’s great to keep those special moments uninterrupted. However a con could be that if your Dad’s speech runs over by 40 minutes, that is 40 minutes that the food has been waiting under heat lamps. Therefore the quality might not be as great as if served fresh!


The term PAX will typically be used by your venue or caterers. If they’re asking about the PAX for your wedding they want to know how many guests you have.


When discussing the styling of your reception it’s important to know what is included tablescape. Generally speaking it refers to not only cutlery/crocjery and glassware, but any linen, candles, florals and stationery that might be included on your tables. Oh and don’t forget the favours if you’re having them!


Speaking of favours! Your favours (or bomboniere if we are going old school) are the small gifts you give to your guests to thank them for being a part of your special day. It is completely up to you and your partner on what you decide to have! Our recommendation is something that reflects you both or that you love. We have a great blog about them here! Check it out if you want to know some options we think are amazing!

Processional and recessional song

Music is a big deal for your ceremony! It creates an ambience and evokes emotion. Do you want it to be upbeat and happy or sentimental and romantic. Knowing the difference between these two songs is super important because you might want a different emotion for each.

Processional- this is the song that will play as you or your partner walks down the aisle. This might be a but softer- more romantic. We recommend a song with a nice build to lead up to the entrance of the bride/groom after the bridal party.

Recessional- this is the song the plays once you have been announced as married and walk back down the aisle together to kick off the celebration! You might want this to be a little more upbeat to get the party started!

First look

The first look is a great option for bridal portrait photography! It’s the meeting up with your partner prior to the ceremony where you see each other for the first time on the day all dressed to the nines. The moment you realise you are about to have one of the best days of your lives together, all captured on film with your photographer. A first look also leads into your bridal portraits with your epic bridal party, and gets the unofficial party started (bring the champagne and chink those glasses!).

Golden hour

So you’ve picked a wedding photographer and they’ve asked you if you want ‘Golden Hour’ photos and you felt stumped as to what they are! Well you definitely don’t want to miss out on these! The Golden Hour is the magical time of the day right before the sun sets which brings the most beaauuuuutiful light for photographs. It might mean sneaking out during your reception or cocktail hour so most photographers will ask if you’re ok to do that. We recommend 100% YES, I mean does the photo below not show you just how epic these are?

Want to know more?

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