Top 10 Wedding Hacks

Top 10 wedding hacks to save money and beat stress

So you’re dreaming of a beautiful stress-free wedding? The last thing you want to be doing is pulling your hair out over spreadsheets and suppliers are we right!? In order to make this dream a reality you are going to need tips and wedding planning hacks from the best! Here at Nudo, we have put on our fair share of beautiful weddings with our stress-free wedding packages! During this process, we have learnt some amazing things along the way to help make your day incredible, and save you some well-deserved cash! Read our top 10 wedding hacks below to help you create a dream wedding party!

Floristry: Anatomy of Flowers

#1 Repurpose your ceremony styling

Who said that the florals and styling from your ceremony have to stay there?

Once the ceremony is over and the guests have moved out of that space into the cocktail area, have those beauties moved to the reception. It would be such a shame to leave them where no one gets to see them again!

Also a repurposed arbour adds an extra wow factor to your dance floor – wedding flowers and all!

Can you imagine only getting to see this amazing ceremony styling once! Anatomy of Flowers’ magical work deserves to be enjoyed all night!

#2 Create a shared wedding email

Create an email account especially for you and your partner to use for your wedding.

This keeps everything together and saves one of you being left out of the loop of communication!

As much you hope for that not to happen someone always presses reply instead of reply all! It also prevents important emails being missed due to an influx of work or non-wedding related spam.

#3 Wedding date: Get married on a Sunday

While everyone is always quick to choose a Friday or Saturday date for their wedding, the real hidden gems are Sundays! Availability is generally better on a Sunday, so forget those long wait times to get your dream venue.

Suppliers also absolutely LOVE a Sunday wedding and are generally more at hand. So no need to worry about competing with every other couple out there to lock in your favourite supplier. You get your pick of the best.

Venue: The Wool Mill

#4 Have a first look on your wedding day

Extend your photography package to cover taking your bridal photos prior to your ceremony.

This means you get to spend a shorter cocktail hour with your guests drinking bubbly – not jumping away with your bridal party trying to squeeze in photos before the sun goes down. It’s a win win!

#5 Try a wedding website or online RSVP

Not looking forward to receiving and sorting all of those posted RSVP’s? Why not have a digital RSVP or wedding website?

They collate all of your guests information online, meaning there’s no transferring paper information into a spreadsheet or hand counting your guest numbers. All the info is kept together.

#6 Be strategic with your getting ready locations and reduce wedding budget

If you are staying separately to your husband or wife to be, keep your locations close to the wedding venue and each other! That way your transportation can be shared between you.

This way rather than organising separate cars, and spending extra cash, the same car can be used between you. Generally, one person (usually the groom) will arrive first to greet guests while the other makes a late entrance.

So this works perfectly with transport dropping one half of the bridal party off earlier and then doubling back to grab the other!

#7 Pass the torch on your day…

Do yourself a favour and assign a point of contact on the day. The last thing you want is calls from suppliers the morning of your wedding when you should be getting pampered and drinking champagne!

Assigning a separate person for both you and your partner leaves you both relaxed and undisturbed, so you can take the time you need to get ready for your big day! If you don’t have a wedding planner for your day, we recommend a family member of someone in your bridal party who is with you on the day.

You can also go it along by ticking off a wedding checklist before the big day!

Floristry: Anatomy of Flowers

#8 Wedding dress: Treat yourself to some outfit changes!

Having outfit changes on the day of your wedding is a great way to change up the photos from your day.

This way each moment stays fresh!

Whether it’s a difference between your ceremony and reception, or a late-night dance floor change to get in the party mood, it’ll wow your guests. Bonus for you, you get to wear two (or more) amazing outfits! Any great venue should have a bridal suite.

So keep that in mind when checking out venues for your day. It makes such a difference having a space just for your bridal party to use for touch-ups and outfit changes.

#9 Prepare an emergency wedding kit

This little kit will save you on your wedding day! Prepare a small bag with all the go-to essentials such as safety pins, deodorant, lipstick, bandaids, hairspray, double-sided tape.

The list could go on! This little pack will make sure you are prepared for any touch-up or sticky situation on your wedding day. Keep it aside in your bridal suite, or somewhere safe at your venue, so it’s ready and waiting if you need it!

While you’re at it, why not make an extra one for the guest bathrooms. Imagine their relief being able to have access to these essential items!

#10 Don’t lose sight of what’s important

Now for our final wedding hack, and probably the most important one! In amongst all of the stress and planning, it is easy to get caught up on the little things.

But the most important thing to remember is why you are celebrating! The fact that you have found your one! Your love. The person you get to spend the rest of your life with.

So while the wedding dress, wedding venue and florals are important, never lose sight of that.

We promise it will put everything into perspective and makes the process feel all the more fun!

Want to know more?

Nudo is a wedding planning service based in Melbourne that looks at weddings a little differently. With a complete collection of the best vendors in Melbourne under their roof, they offer thoughtfully crafted, complete wedding packages for couples who love the creative, but hate the logistics. From a wedding planner, to design team, florist, photographer, celebrant, cake, DJ and even transport – Nudo offers everything you need for an incredible wedding, without the stress. Completely customisable, couples can add or remove as many of the vendors as they need.
If you’re looking for a wedding planner in Melbourne and would love a team of dreamers and doers on your side to guide you through the journey step by step, drinking glasses of bubbles, and making wedding planning fun, then contact us to learn more.

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