Planning Team Leader

Katie Coolledge

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only get delivery from one restaurant, which restaurant would it be and why?
This is literally the HARDEST question. Ok so clearly we want range, so I’m thinking possibly Captinao so that I can alternate between Pizza and Pasta, have a dessert Calzone or a salad if I’m feeling the need to stay trim. All about balance.

Do you have any human or fur kids?
0 children fur or other. I had a monstera plant that was like my child but it died recently. PTSD

Where are you coming from?
Prior to working at Nudo I was a visual merchandiser for 7 years! So very detail obsessssed which I really think has helped me in my role as a wedding planner! Fun fact I also know how to use power tools haha.

Well apart from the power tools fun fact you got for free above, I am double jointed in my left arm. Literally serves no purpose though.

Favourite TV Show / Movie?
Arrested Development- always a fab go-to show. Or Broad City.

I’m a bit of a crafty gal and a hobby enthusiast haha. Anything from pottery, screen printing, painting and you’ve got me. Also dabbled in puzzles and diamond art during covid- low point trust me.

If you could have lunch with any person from the past, who would you choose?
Wholesome content alert- my grandparents. What I would do to have my Nonna’s delish cooking and sit with them both to chat about their days.

What was the first concert you ever attended?
Australian Idol original season live concert BABY. I made my own t-shirt design and everything with puff paint. I think it said Guy Sebastian #1 on the front.

If you were being introduced at a conference, what would your walk out music be?
Juice by Lizzo, such a tune and Lizzo is a Queen.

How did you first learn of Nudo?
Being an absolute trollllllll on socials and Seek. I actually applied first back in Jan 2019 before the venues were even finished and got knocked back – RUDE. Clearly meant to be though, they couldn’t get rid of me that easy.

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